A Fun Time in a Football Dart Board

Buyfootdart for your sports game is more and more popular nowadays. The soccer and the darts are combines together in velcro dart game which produce an interesting game filled with interaction. A sticky ball is kicked by the players onto the huge inflatable football dart board, then you can see how many points they are able to get. 

The inflatable dart contains the scoring system which is the same as the common darts game. It is a great sports game for corporate activity or the party or the fundraisers. This sports game is especially suitable for the people of above 10 years old. 

Do you know how to play the football dart board? You will find much fun when you get familiar with the rules of this sports game. You should also know what is the appropriate dartboard distance from wallYou can see the number one to twenty on each soccer dart board, what you need to do is to kick the football onto the multiple parts of the dart board, then count how many points you can score. 

The winner is the one who gains the highest score. If the football is kicked onto the red or black outer ring, that means the player will be punished with a tripled score to the designated section. On the contrary, if the football is kicked onto the inner red or black ring, that means the player will get the double score to the designated section. 

If the football lands on the red dot which is the middle part of the soccer dartboard, that will be a celebration because this is called double bull which is worthy of 50 scores. While the black ring which is around the red dot called bullseye is worthy of 25 scores.

Once you have known how to play the football dart board, you will enjoy an exciting experience in the game and find it is a valuable and memorable event that is deserved for you.  

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