Get Finding Clara on Demand or Rental in Time for the Holidays

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Justice in order to facilitate my review.

Are you looking for a new movie to enjoy with your daughter(s)?

Our daughter and I enjoyed watching “Finding Clara,” a new full-length documentary from Justice Studios that follows the journey of four young dancers as they audition and rehearse for the lead role of Clara in The Nutcracker. She loves anything dance-related, so it was perfect for her.

My sister danced as a kid until she was a teenager and absolutely loved it, so this movie has a special spot in my heart. It's a great documentary for kids and parents to watch together.
The original popular web series was made into an 87-minute full-length documentary that follows the girls through auditions, months of challenging rehearsals, as well as the moment the girls found out who landed the lead role of Clara!

Just in time for the holidays, Finding Clara can be downloaded on Video on Demand on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, available now for $9.99 purchase or rental (fees may vary).

For more details, visit Justice at or on Facebook -, Instagram/, or YouTube.


  1. Hadn't heard of this one, but looks like something the whole family would enjoy. Maybe it'll come to Netflix or Hulu soon!

  2. I haven't seen any previews for this one. I am definitely adding it to my tbw list.

  3. I love the ballet - it’s something I wish I had done as a child. My niece would love this.

  4. This looks like a super cute one! Hadn’t heard of it. Will for sure tell my cousins!

  5. We love The Nutcracker and go see it every year. My daughter would definitely enjoy this documentary.

  6. My daughter loves her dance classes and everything dance related. I haven't heard of “Finding Clara” but have to check it out. I'm sure my daughter would love it!