Body Armor Drinks are Great for Basketball Players

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post for reviewing purposes from Body Armor Drinks. All opinions are my own. 

Are you looking for a good sports drink for your child for practice or games?

When our older two kids decided that they wanted to try basketball this year, I knew that sports drinks would likely be a good thing to buy quite a bit of and knowing the good things I do about Body Armor, I decided to go with them! 

We were sent a total of 24 bottles of Body Armor drinks and they're a variety of flavors to choose from too which is a big plus when it comes to kids especially, as well as in general for sports. They both take one drink to each practice along with their water bottle and one per game. 

So far, our son has had one game and actually has his second game tonight and took one with him.

We went to our local park not too far from our house to take some fun pictures for this post, and of course it was with their basketball they do practice with at the park ball court sometimes. 

Our son is on his second game tonight actually. He loves the berry flavored one, as well as the mango, and fruit punch. He has gotten really good at playing basketball and I love how they are active with a school sport now. Body Armor is a good drink that helps to keep you hydrated.

Of course, after playing a little basketball he needed a drink to refresh! He chose the grape.

Our daughter loves the blueberry flavor one that is lite. They had a fun time doing this post with me for Body Armor and hope to do more in 2019 for the brand. Their products are great.

She chose the mixed berry one to have this time.

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