Fingerlings are a Fun Gift this Year for Kids

*Disclaimer - The products in this post were sent to me from WowWee to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some cute gifts this year to give your kids?

Our oldest daughter is ten and loves Fingerlings products from WowWee and she is going to really love the goodies that I got for her in this post that she'll be getting for Christmas. 

She has been talking about wanting one of the pink Fingerlings HUGS over the past few months, and I got her one. 

Fingerlings are a fun toy that interacts when you activate it and have it turned to on. She already has two, but got two more new ones thanks to WowWee! The first one I got in this package is named Mackenzie. She is going to be a big hit with our daughter because she loves unicorns at the moment, and she is a light-up unicorn.

The other Fingerlings that she got is the adorable baby panda named Polly. She has actually wanted this one for a while now. These are fun interacting toys that fit on your finger or a pencil, etc. She has a fun time playing with the two she has with her younger siblings. 

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