Get EduShape Toys for Kids this Holiday

*Disclaimer - The products in this post were sent to me from EduShape in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Ae you looking for some new toys for your kids?

If your kids are looking for some fun toys to have this Christmas then EduShape is the place to buy them. I got the first toy ball for a friend's grandson who is young. I know he'll enjoy bouncing this ball while watching the sequin inside of it bounce around. It's made for small hands and is easy to hold and play with. 

This next toy is called Magic Brix in Motion and is good for ages 3 and up. It helps to develop fine motor skills by putting together the pieces to make things. With these brix, you can roll and rotate them to get them to fit into the shapes that you want them to make to form a building or design you'd like to make. It looks lke a fun concept for kids, for sure.

He has not used these yet but will be soon as this is one I'd love to help him learn how to use and play with on a more regular basis for sure. This is a STEM product/toy, so it's a fun one. 

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