Email Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Monitor

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored review for Campaign Monitor.

Are you looking for a new way for email marketing?

I have always wondered what all goes into email marketing and now I know some of the things anyway. I have friends who spend a countless amount of time going through email newsletters and so much more, and it's pretty cool to learn as you go with too. 

It'll make your life easier once you figure out how to use their website exactly to where it will fit your exact needs for marketing. Check out the features to the Campaign Monitor website and see for yourself what the benefits are, and go from there.

I like how they explain it better when you watch the demo on their website. It'll help those of us who are completely clueless about how email marketing works, as I've never had a newsletter of any kind. 

This is perfect for business owners that want to jump-start their emails and do campaigns to help boost their readership. This is a great start and their website explains how it works and how you need to do it to be successful.

Another thing that caught my attention is this amazing Email Campaign Preflight Checklist.

Email send fear is alive and real in every marketer’s heart that has ever had to push the
“send” button on an email campaign. Even though we proof and edit for typos, and try to avoid common errors, sometimes we make a mistake, or two or three.

In an attempt to stave off the most common email sending errors, we’re sharing the email
campaign preflight checklist our email team uses before they push the send button.
Not only does it go through each part of an email to make sure everything has been reviewed,
but it also helps with other aspects of a send that you may not have thought about. Now you
can send with confidence instead of fear and then sit back and watch Worldview and see
your results roll in.

Mistakes happen to the best of us, but we hope this email campaign preflight checklist helps
you send your emails with confidence. Check out our other helpful guides and resources for

Email Campaign Checklist

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