Older Kids will LOVE this Nickelodeon Slime Automatic Slime Drencher

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from JAKKS Pacific in order to facilitate this review.

Are your kids slime obsessed like ours are? Well, then you need this in your life!

Let's talk about slime!

Our 9 year old mainly loves to make and play with slime, and it's been like that since the beginning to middle of this past school year, so she's made some here and there and it's a huge mess so I don't really like it in the house. She's made plenty outside and at a friend's house too.

But, this is much different and looks like a lot of fun to play! And I will likely be telling our kids to play with this OUTSIDE to avoid a huge mess that it appears to make and because I know they'd play rough with it. It'll definitely be popular with their friends too!

Your child will need to:
- Make the slime
- Load the balloon
- Start the timer
- Pass it around.... Until you get slimed!

This will be a very popular game for the holidays this year that your kids will not want to miss with their friends and siblings too! If your kids have friends or are in school, then they KNOW what slime is, likely know how to make it in some sort of way, and have played with it. I love Nickelodeon Slime so this is going to be an awesome game to play with our kids, and I know that they'll love it too. 

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