Older Kids will Enjoy the Star Wars Science Jabba Slime Lab

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Basic Fun in order to facilitate this review.

Are your older kids looking for something fun to do this summer, at home?

Our older two kids enjoy making things at some point and doing it together a lot of the time. But our daughter, in particular, is obsessed with slime and when I saw this fun Star Wars Jabba Slime Lab, I knew she would very likely enjoy it and want me to get it for her and her brother to use.

When school is in session ever since last school year more-so our 9-year-old daughter almost always wants to make, SLIME! Whether she's got a friend over or she's over there it doesn't matter. Thankfully, not an all the time thing but she loves slime. So, I knew she'd like this lab where it's a theme of Star Wars but is also slime. 

It can get messy of course, so make sure your kids do this on a time or outside. I keep it on the table but make sure they know that they won't be allowed to walk off with it just anywhere, because I don't want it all over the house like she tends to do with general slime she makes.

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