Get some Basic Fun Toys this Summer

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Basic Fun, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some fun toys for your kids this summer?

Our kids are always wanting new things and I am so thrilled I got to work with Basic Fun to get these awesome toys for our 10 and 9-year-olds mainly, but our 3-year-old as well. 

Our 9-year-old daughter loves the concept of PooPeez which is a fun game type toy that has pretend play size toilet and has a tiny thing of toilet paper, as well as a poo emoji type guy that you place in the toy toilet it comes with, and flush and use the toilet paper. 

It's quite interesting, to say the least as I had not seen these products before but a couple times. One of these comes with multiple characters.

In the picture, I'm going to tell you about the other products that were sent too!

As a kid, I always played The Oregon Trail game on our old-school computers in school and loved it, and I am so excited they made it into a handheld game now for kids. Our oldest will enjoy it. 

One product that I received two of that'll be a fun time is the CakePop Cuties for our 9-year-old daughter! I just love the concept of this product; they are CakePops that have a surprise inside - 1 Cake Pop, 1 Cutie, 1 Sweetie Accessory, and a Collector Sheet. 

I think my ultimate favorite one of this set of toys has to be the My Little Pony 35th Anniversary Collector Pony I received, named Cotton Candy. I am a huge fan of the original My Little Pony, and our two daughters enjoy it too and while we have some of the newer small My Little Pony toys, this will be much better as it's the original, which makes it more special. 

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