Make Potty Training Fun for Boys with this Product

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Are you potty training your son and need an easier way to make it fun for him to learn?

As I have said before we were potty training our three-year-old son, and now he's a pro at going potty and you don't even have to ask if he needs to go anymore, he just goes himself! I am so happy about that too.

He had stopped off and on, but we found out that it was the lack of "potty rewards", so back to the store we went to get some Paw Patrol Fruit Snacks. We buy these almost everytime we're at Walmart usually because they have the bigger packs amount wise in them.

Another big factor for some kids is the "type" of potty they have. Is it too large? Too small? Fun to learn on? Well, I had heard about people getting a toddler urinal for boys and I was like "they make those?", and sure enough, they sell them on Amazon! So, I had to get him this cute Frog Children's Urinal that is only $5.59! 

It was an investment well made, and the neat thing about this product is that all you need is a screwdriver and wall, and you'll be set. Just, make sure that it doesn't fall off of the screw you use and is set in place, and of course make sure that it's at your son's standing level, not too low or too high for him. Cleaning it will be a breeze too - all you have to do is pick the insert green part up out of the device and dump it out and wash it out.  

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