Girls Everywhere will Love the Disco Lights Karaoke

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Singing Machine. 

Are your daughters big on singing? They'll love this singing machine!

Our daughter has a friend she stays at her house sometimes for sleepovers and she has a machine similar to this one, and our daughter was so excited when I let her know she'd be getting the Disco Lights Karaoke! She absolutely loves it so far.

When I was a kid, we had a karaoke machine but it was definitely not as nice as this one. This one is really neat and comes with a microphone that plugs into the machine, as well as I got an additional microphone that she shares between her brother if he wants to use it and her friend! 

This one comes with a CD that once you set it up into the TV it will display the song for your child to see/be able to read to sing. The cool thing that our daughter likes about the microphone is that there's volume control to allow it to be low or high, not just one volume. 

Use one of the microphones for yourself and give the other to a sibling or friend, so you can sing the songs together! They're good quality and work very well. I highly recommend this Singing Machine brand for both the karaoke machine and the microphone. 

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This looks really cool when it's dark. Check out the lights!

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