Q & A with Dennis Quaid and His Role in I Can Only Imagine

*Disclaimer - I had the amazing opportunity to do a phone interview with Dennis Quaid about his role in this film. 

I Can Only Imagine will be in theatres on March 16! 

Scroll down to see my Q & A with Dennis.

I'm sure you know of Dennis Quaid from previous films, so I hope you enjoy this post.

Questions for Dennis Quaid regarding his role in the upcoming film, I Can Only Imagine:

1. I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to ask you how it was emotionally having to play the role of a father that was not supportive of his son in the beginning of this movie, but turned into an inspiration?

It was very difficult. Part of him didn't want to do the part. There was an ark to the character  and you rarely hear about a good change when it comes to an abusive person, so it was a very difficult part to do. He was sent the script and the CD for the movie, and it was actually Dennis's first time to hear it. He was profoundly affected and there's redemption in it.

2. I'm a huge fan of the song I Can Only Imagine and the movie is powerful. 

What was your favorite thing about your role in the movie that you want people to know about?

It's an incredible ark of a human life to change like that. More likely than not, abusers are abused from someone in their life. Getting cancer forced him to change and turn his life around. It's very real. He wanted a relationship with his son at the end. It was truly a divine intervention.

3. I've always enjoyed your acting and the movies you've starred in. 

Would you consider doing more faith related movies in the future, after being in this one?

He did Soul Surfer. He's looking for a good story line movie, not specifically faith based.

4. What are some things you took away from the movie that you can apply to your life?

He got into acting because of wanting to know what makes you tick. It's a lot more moving seeing as it was a true story. It grew on him. God's joy and knowing heaven is a real place is eye opening. 

5. If there's one thing you'd like people to know about this movie, what would it be?

It's a story that's going to deeply affect you. It gives you hope and a redemption. He let his school age kids watch the movie and he was worried at first because of his character being an abusive father but they did well with it and it was a positive experience, because it's a sad reality for many, but at the end of the movie it gives you hope and shows what true forgiveness is and looks like.


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