Little Ones will Love the Evenflo Gleeful Sea 2 in 1 Activity + Art Table

*Thanks to Evenflo for sending the product in this post. 

Are you looking for a fun activity center for your little one?

As a parent, you know how active little ones can be after the newborn stage when they are starting to roll over, try to sit up, and more. Well, once your baby is 4 months old and above, he or she can enjoy this amazing Gleeful Sea 2 in 1 Activity + Art Table  from Evenflo. 

The neat thing about this activity table is that you suction the toys onto the sides of the saucer that are around the seat where your baby sits. There is a three height setting on this, so that you can extend the bouncing fun for your child. The really cool thing about the cushion of the seat is that it's machine washable, and is easy to take off. 

It's a really neat activity/art table that can be used as an excersaucer/activity table. I gave this to a friend who is due in June with a little girl, but before I did our 11 month old tried it out so I could see how it works to show her. 

One thing our daughter loves it to play with toys, whether they are attached to anything or not. Of course now that she is 11 months, she doesn't like to stay in one place for long, but enjoyed standing against the saucer to play with the toys around the anyway. 

When our friend's baby gets old enough to be able to walk, she can use it as an art table. Like for our toddler, he loves to color, so using it as an art table for him would make perfect sense.  When the child is old enough to use this as an art table, the hanging toys are removable and become stencils for tracing or rubbings. 

This is pretty easy to put together and the seat has a cushioned soft material that you put in the seat before placing your child in it to play for the first time. It's easy to put in place and has a cute design to it too, as you can see in the pictures.

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