Godmode Gaming Opening Night

*Disclaimer - I was invited as press to Godmode Gaming opening night event, on March 16. 

Are you looking for a fun place to visit in Northwest Pennsylvania? 

Godmode Gaming is a fun gaming lounge for ages 13 and up with a valid ID to register. They have many gaming systems to choose from, a lot of gaming stations, they will be holding different tournaments, and more!

While we were at the opening night event, the owner of Godmode Gaming spoke and told us all about what they are about, what is available at their gaming lounge, and more. It was fun!

You can see for yourself how fun and awesome Godmode Gaming looks! I hope to take our kids when they get older as they're not 13 yet, BUT they will be doing a kids day once a month or so for younger than 13 ages to come play with their parents and friends / siblings. 

They had some nice refreshments and drinks for everyone on opening night. 

The really cool thing that happened on opening night for the VIP event was that they introduced the Playstation VR (Virtual Reality), which looks like it's a lot of fun to use!

My favorite part about the gaming lounge is this ONE room, specifically the wall mural. You guys have to see this for yourselves to believe it; the artist did an awesome job on it for sure. You got it right - it's Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario! I just love this - so many memories! 

They also had a fun Cosplay contest for whoever wanted to come dressed up:

Here are the gaming systems they have towards the back of their lounge in the room with mural. I love how they have all of the older systems like what I grew up playing on. 

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