Getting Our Youngest Her First Pair of Shoes

As you may know, our youngest has been walking in some form or another since about 8 months old. Well, I finally found some shoes that fit her and they're adorable too! For younger kids, I like the Garanimals brand of shoes.

As you know from me posting previously, our youngest is by far our earliest walker when it comes to our kids. She started taking steps around 7 - 7 1/2 months old which is crazy to me but is true! 

And, she's been walking a lot regularly ever since about 10 months old but finding shoes that weren't boyish and not 12 month was difficult until I went to Walmart to look. 
We went to Walmart last night on our way home from my sister in law's house so I could get some shoes for her, because with her walking 24 7 now, it's time for real shoes for her. I was having a difficult time finding a pink or purple pair of toddler 4 shoes for her and finally found ONE pair, so I got them! They were only about $12.50 or so. 

And right now, Walmart has a lot of shoes for kids on clearance too, so go check it out before they sell them all. 

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