Easter Baskets with 2Tone Fingerlings and Chippies from WowWee

*Disclaimer - Thanks to WowWee for the products in this post. 

Looking for a fun few toys to add to your child's Easter basket?

Our oldest daughter is 9 and got her first Fingerling for Christmas and I found out that they came out with 2Tone Fingerlings and was excited to be able to get some for her, for Easter. I love the colors that she received, they are nice and bright. They have 8 new 2Tone Fingerlings available to buy, on their website!

In addition to the 2Tone Fingerlings, we also received a Chippies Chippette which is a robotic puppy with a remote. I was going to be giving that one to her as well until our toddler son claimed it! 

He loves to play with Chippette everyday since it got to us, and to my surprise he figured out how to use the remote really quickly as well. He will be three in May and loves it. I'd love to see them come out with more colors sometime! 

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