5 Must Have Cat Products

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Are you looking for the purrfect cat products for your pet?

We now have two cats since our mama cat passed away in August 2017. Well, there are just some cat products I could not live without as a cat owner and I will list them below in this post for you!

5 Must Have Cat Products 

1. Fresh Step Extreme with Febreze Freshness Clumping Cat Litter is a great brand of cat litter and it works great for our home. We actually buy this particular pack every two months or so. The one that we get is the 34 lb package, so that it lasts quite awhile. With being at two cats now, it lasts a little longer. 

2. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts  - We have a different brand but almost the exact cat activity tree as this one is with scratching posts. Cats claw at scratching posts to keep their claws freshened and filed. Our cats love their tree/post and use it often. 

3. Temptations Mixup Treats for Cats 16 ounces is a brand that our cats have enjoyed since they were almost a year old. I don't give catnip very often, but if I decide to it's going to be the Temptations mixup treats that we buy for them. This particular one comes with chicken, catnip, and cheddar flavors.

4. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe  - We own one of these and I love it. I bought it last year because I was tired of litter being all over the floor from our cats pawing it, and having to sweep twice a day because of it. This is a simple concept litter box. You click the side tabs into place after you put the litter in it, and everytime you need to clean out the litter box, you just pick it up and shake it, and the dirty litter will fall into the slot that you pull out on the side of it to throw away. 

5. Sifter with Deep Shovel is similar to the one that we have for our two litter boxes we have. It's pretty strong and holds up for a little weight on it in the litter. It makes cleaning litter boxes a bit easier. I have a holder for mine. 

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