Keep Your Puppy Safe in Hot Weather

Are you looking for ways to keep your puppy safe during hot weather months?

When looking to buy a puppy in Florida there is no shortage of cute puppies to add to your family. However, it is important to be aware of the various dangers your puppy can and will face. Hot weather and the associated humidity very real danger to your puppy.
Florida summers, in particular, are well known for their intense heat and can create many dangerous situations for both humans and dogs. Proper heat protection involves not only keeping your puppy cool but also knowing the signs of heat overexposure and other dangers that should be avoided.
Ways To Protect Your Puppy From The Heat
  • Plenty Of Water And Shade: dehydration is one of the most common dangers of high heat in humans and animals alike. As your puppy is young it is especially vulnerable to these conditions. Be sure to have plenty of clean fresh water readily available to keep your puppy properly hydrated. Also, make sure they have a shady area to get out of the sun if outdoors for long periods of time.  
  • Know What Overheating Looks Like: overheating in pets can involve overly excessive panting, drooling, collapse, weakness, labored breathing, and in worst case scenarios vomiting and seizures. An important part of protecting your puppy from the heat is recognizing less severe symptoms such as painting, general tiredness, or labored breathing. By taking quick action you prevent more severe symptoms and possible injury or illness.
  • Parked Automobiles: leaving your pet in a parked car on hot days is very dangerous. It is a common cause of heatstroke-related death in pets. In addition to this danger in 27 states, there are laws against such actions which can result in fines and other legal concerns (even in states without fines in many cases law enforcement is allowed to remove the pet using reasonable force).  
  • Trimming Coats: in general, trimming your puppy’s fur to make them more comfortable in the heat is not a harmful course of action. However, shaving should not be performed as this removes the layers of protection that a puppy’s fur provides, removes insulation, and can cause sunburns and other irritations. Plus it can take a long time for their fur to fully grow back which can leave them vulnerable for an extended period of time.
  • Know The Dangers Of Asphalt: in very hot weather asphalt surfaces can exceed temperatures of 140 degrees. This creates an environment that is very dangerous for your puppy. It can not only damage paws but also if laid on it can cause your puppy’s body temperature to overheat. Be sure to watch your puppy carefully if near asphalt so they don’t hurt themselves. Dog boots and paw protectors are another way you can keep your puppy safe.  
  • Keeping Your Puppy Cool: other tricks include a small pool to cool off, ice cubes in the water dish, wet towels to lay on, added canned food to their diet for additional moisture, special treats, and only playing or going for walks when it's earlier or later in the day.
Final Thoughts

Remember the best way to keep your puppy safe from the dangers of a hot day is by paying attention. Many of the injuries pets receive in hot weather is due to simple negligence. By keeping an eye on your puppy and being aware of dangers and the symptoms of becoming overheated you keep them safe.  

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