Having a 10 1/2 Month Old Walking Almost Everywhere

Yes, you heard me right - our youngest is walking everywhere (mostly) now. 

When did your kids walk?

She is almost 11 months old now. Normally, our kids just scoot and coast until 12 - 13 months, but nope. She's been taking steps and walking in some form or another since 7 1/2 - 8 months old! 

Christmas Eve at my sister in law's family Christmas party, she took two - three steps, but then shortly after took more and more, and now I lose count at how many she takes before plopping down, because she is a pro at walking! 

Of course, she's not 100% walking like our toddler, but she sure tries to catch me when I go in the kitchen and tries to catch her brother. One of her favorite toys to play with sometimes is the VTech musical toy. It's fun / cute to watch her stand or sit and just play with it by herself sometimes.

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