She Started to Take 2 Steps at 8 Months Old Without Holding Onto Anything

Our youngest has done several things a lot earlier than our older three kids did, but this is most definitely a first for our family!

She loves to stand up against toys as you can see below, which was on Christmas morning.

I was shocked when she was 6 months old and I looked over at her crib and saw that she was pulling herself up! Soon after, she started pulling herself up holding onto toys in the toy room and living room, and then cruising along those toys and the sofa. 

Around 7 months old, she would occassionally take one step here and there on the bed and a couple times on the floor when she let go of what she was holding onto. It was the cutest thing to see, as I have never seen a baby so young try to walk / let go of things. 

Our older three kids did not cruise along things until about 9 months old, and didn't walk until about 13 - 14 months old.

At 8 months old, she started to take a step sometimes more often and then all of a sudden on Christmas Eve she took TWO steps when we were at my sister in law's house for our annual family Christmas party. 

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