Make your own DIY DuckTales Stocking

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card to purchase the products in this post.

Are you a DuckTale fan? Make your own DIY DuckTales stocking!

This project was a lot of fun to do with our kids and they enjoyed it too! Growing up, I loved Ducktales so this was a great idea to come across in my email to get to do on my blog. I have not done many DIY crafts or anything on here, but I hope you enjoy this one.

To start, here is what you will need to do a DIY DuckTales Stocking:

Of course, you'll need a stocking or as many as you'd like to use for your DIY project! 

You will also need some good fabric paint, and the fabric paint that I bought for this project had 20 fabric paints in the pack, and the top 10 are Rainbow colors, and the bottom 10 are Neon colors. 

As a huge Disney fan, I loved doing this one even though I'm not the best at crafting (yet), but I can sure learn and do more and more with fabric paint to get better at it. 

The finished product before it dried all of the way:

Here is the final product once it dried overnight:

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