She Learned to Pull up to Stand at 6 Months Old!

Our youngest is almost 8 months old now, but she has learned how to do so many things a lot faster than our older 3 did it's crazy!

How old were your kids when they pulled himself or herself to a stand in crib?

None of the rest of our kids learned how to stand up pulling themselves up in their crib or against toys and furniture until about 8 - 9 months old. Well, our youngest is almost 8 months old and has been pulling herself up in her crib for almost 2 months now!

She loves to stand in her crib holding on with just one hand too! She's a little daredevil and is getting great at it. She has let go a few times too, on our bed with us there and stood without holding on for 6 seconds! 

A friend of mine online says she might be walking before she's 9 - 10 months old! Which would be absolutely nuts because none of our older three walked before their first birthday, and if I remember right they walked around 13 - 14 months old without holding onto anything.

Now that we cleaned up the toy room a good bit, she and our toddler just love to play in there. It's fun to watch them and she enjoys pulling herself up onto this one musical toy she has fun playing with that lights up and plays music to the touch. 

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