Great Kids Stocking Stuffers with World's Smallest

*Disclaimer - Thanks to World's Smallest for the products in this post. All opinions are my own. This post has an affiliate link, so if you make a purchase with my link I will make a commission of sales.

Are you looking for some kids' stocking stuffers?

These products are cute and fun for kids! They are going to be our kids' stocking stuffers for the older two and they're cool too. You can find these from World's Smallest at several retailers, and see what they have you like! 

Our daughter will likely use one of them as a keychain on her bookbag, but I'm not sure yet! They are fun to play around with, but I know our kids will enjoy them as well. They'll probably wonder why they're not full size, but never know! 

These are going to be a big hit I'm sure and several can be used as keychains, so I know our oldest son will take advantage of that! These are fun too, especially the Polaroid, PEZ, and wrestling ones. Our daughter will love the ones that say silly putty! She loves that phase right now. 

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