6 Month Follow Up on the Lenovo IdeaPad 300 15.6" Laptop

*Disclaimer - Thanks Lenovo for the product in this post I received in March. 

As promised, I am doing a 6 month follow up review on the IdeaPad 300 15.6" laptop.

This laptop was given to my husband once it arrived since his previous one stopped working on him. He uses this IdeaPad 300 laptop all the time and uses it for documents, as well as picture storage, and everything that anyone else would normally use it for such as social media. 

The main and important thing about this laptop is the amount of storage it has on it is very large in number being up to 1 TB. This is a 15.6" laptop so he has a laptop bag that he got for it if he needs to take it anywhere while he is working, since he does store some work stuff on it as well. 

It has strong internet connection and has not caused any issues at all for him while using it. It has a power saving thing on it that he likes to save on keeping a longer battery life for it. 

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