Summer Toys & Candy at Cracker Barrel Country Store

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for some fun toys for toddlers and older kids?

Our kids aside from going to the park program during the day tend to get bored at times, so I have been looking for some nice toy ideas for them to be able to have fun together but keep busy too!

Cracker Barrel has some awesome toys to choose from this summer! Our kids were SO excited when this package showed up at the house, when we got back from the park the other day.

We just love everything that was included in our package for summer time fun for kids! You will have to head to your local Cracker Barrel Country Store to see if they have these products, so you can buy them for your kids before the end of summer break. 

Here's what we received:

1. KaDunks Sour Candy - Our oldest son chose to be the one to have this goodie and he said it was great and sour just how he likes it! It's pretty blue, so it'll probably get your tongue blue for a little bit!

2. Water Balloons - The water balloons that we got are the ones that fill up and tie on their own once filled up! We can't wait to try these out once it gets hot outside again. It's been a bit rainy for the last few days. Our older two are very excited to use these!

3. Neon Bubble Glow - This item is really cool and one that our two year old son LOVES to watch and help use outside. He just LOVES bubbles so much, so I was really excited when I saw he got one of these in the package of goodies. We have used this one a couple of times so far, and it glows in the dark and shoots out bubbles! It's a really neat thing to have.

4. Play Pack Grab & Go - Our two year old is going to love this one too, because it's a small coloring / activity book with Finding Dory, who he LOVES. This one will be great for our vacation trip to Hershey Park next month, when we have a 5 hour drive to do.

5. Jelly Belly: Belly Flops - These are fun shaped and irregular jelly beans. Our kids will be sharing these for snacks as they want them. They enjoy jelly beans a lot.

6. Glitter Pink / Blue Sidewalk Chalk Paint - Our older two kids decided to try these out, on the porch and sure enough; they are VERY glittery! It actually looks really cool on the sidewalk and porch, just very bright and glittery. Fun for kids that's for sure!

7. Finding Dory 8 oz Bubbles - I took our toddler son and youngest to the park earlier to play and decided to take these bubbles with us. He had a lot of fun catching and running after the bubbles. He just loves bubbles and has a blast chasing them outdoors! I like how the handle of the bubble wand is for this bottle of bubbles. It makes it much easier to grasp.

8. PEZ Despicable Me 3 Dispenser with Candy - Our kids love the Despicable Me movies, so we will be seeing the new one once it's out. They love PEZ candy and dispensers so this was a fun idea for them to include in our package of goodies!!

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  1. What a fun package for summer! PEZ is always a big hit - the dispensers are so cute! I love Cracker Barrel!