Enjoying Time at the Park

There is a fun park that we enjoy taking our kids to from time to time, in Northwestern PA. You will enjoy the scenery of our walk I am sure.

Do your kids enjoy going to the park?

The thing about this park is that it's more along the lines for older kids just because it doesn't have slides or swings, it's just a playground with a rock wall and such. Our older two love it though, and our two year old runs around in the field with his older siblings to chase them.

I just love the walkway in the park, because of the view and watching the river flow. Sometimes you can even see ducks and geese if you are there in the morning sometime. Today, it was just our two year old and two month old with me, so we mainly walked around the track to get a little excersise and see the water, and I like sitting at the bench too.


  1. Our kids love being outdoors. Of course here in Norway there is a saying there is no bad weather only bad clothing so we spend most of the year outside even in tons of snow and in the rain. I would love to enjoy this beautiful place. It looks so peaceful.

  2. I don't have kids of my own yet - I still consider myself a kid! So, yes, this kid loves going to the park!