Unisex High Quality Acetate Full Rim Glasses from Eyewear Insight

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Eyewear Insight in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for nice quality glasses for low cost?

My husband has bifocals for his glasses and wanted a back-up pair for as needed, so I was able to work with Eyewear Insights for him, and due to his glasses prescription strength being so high, he went ahead and got the progressive lenses instead of bifocal specific for strength. You can buy this exact style of glasses, HERE . 

For his strength of prescription, the price would have been $55 for the progressive lenses, but you can choose all the specifics needed in the cart when you place your order. I was surprised with how quickly they were made and shipped; as it only took about 2 - 3 weeks to receive them from the time I placed my order.

When looking on their website, I couldn't tell the exact color of the glasses other than what looked like a purple tint  with checkered squares inside. We initially thought they were black, but when we received the glasses he got surprised with a bright color of glasses. 

But, it's not a big deal as he wears those colors in clothing often, so the glasses match his clothes! I just wanted to make a note on the exact colors of these glasses. The inside of the glasses that go towards his face is more of a pinkish color with a little bit of purple. 

Personally, I love the style / color of these. They are some of my favorite colors! He has gotten some compliments so far on how nice these glasses look on him, color wise and style wise as well.

UPDATE as of April 22:
He had not tried reading a newspaper for word puzzles until April 22 with these new glasses, and he had to take them off and use his actual bifocal glasses, because  there is no place to be able to use one part of the glasses to read and another part of the glasses to do everything else long-distance wise. These are not just like / better than bifocals like we were originally told, because there is not a way to read like you do with bifocals.

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