My Favorite Breastfeeding Products

*Disclaimer - This post has some affiliate links in it.

I thought I would do a blog post about my favorite breastfeeding products, since this is our second baby that I'm nursing now. 

What are your favorite breastfeeding products that are a must?

This being my second time around breastfeeding, I want to let you know what my go to products are. You can let me know if you have any additional products to add to the list.

My Favorite Breastfeeding Products Are:
- Kiinde Twist Pouches - These are great for storing breastmilk and can easily be frozen or put in the fridge to put in bottles
Nursing Tank Tops - These are great for spring and summer time when it's warm / hot outside, but you still need to feed baby in public but want to be discreet
Nursing Cloth Pads - These are reusable nursing pads that can easily be washed in the washing machine once full, dried in the dryer, and reused for months 
Nursing Cover - I only use a nursing cover for about the first two or three months or so and then I just do the two shirt method to be discreet while nursing in public as needed
Breast Pump - I have used a Medela Pump in Style Advanced, Avent Comfort Manual Pump, Medela Harmony Manual Pump, and now a Spectra S2 

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