Babies and Pets

I was given a handful of topics to write about and wanted to make the next one about babies and pets. 

Do you have a pet or pets and are expecting?

I grew up with dogs, guinea pigs, and a cat later on in life so being a kid / having a child around pets never really occurred to me as a question on being okay or not. 

Some people are worried that the dog or cat, or whatever pet you have or want to get maybe aggressive towards the baby. I've never had that type of fear or animal that would raise any concern. 

Since being married in 2008, we just got a cat in late 2013 and then her brother passed away and shortly after that the female had two kittens, so since July 2014 we have had three indoor cats.

Our three cats are very friendly, but if you haven't been around them they will stay away from you and hide. We had our youngest son in May 2015 and our black cat Fluffy took to him fast and has adored him ever since. 

The other two cats don't really mind him much, but they stay away from him as he likes to pull their fur or tail! We have had no issues with our cats with this baby either. So far, so good. If you have concerns about getting a pet while pregnant or with a new baby in the house, either don't get one or get one that's 2 - 3 years old and is good with children.

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