Toddler Sleep Issues

You may have a toddler and be wondering "when will this stage end".  While, I may not know the answer and have not dealt with sleep issues with our kids as a toddler. 

I hope this post helps someone.

Well, we have a 22 month old as far as toddler age goes but he has slept very well since three months old on when he slept all night; as well as our older two too. I guess we got "lucky" in that aspect of parenting where our kids enjoy sleeping. 

I've not gone through the toddler sleep issues yet, but here are some recommendations that I have that may help you deal with it, with your child or children.

Ideas that came to my mind that could possibly help with sleep issues:

1. Stay on a regular schedule and don't make big changes to your routine in the evening if you can help it.

2. Try giving a nightly bath with lavender body wash or lotion after drying off, and read a bedtime story before tucking him or her into bed.

3. Watch a movie together before leaving the room at night if he or she has their own room(s). 

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