Helping a Child Overcome Shyness

I was asked awhile back to write about helping a child overcome shyness. 

Here are some ways that you can help your child to overcome shyness.

Our daughter is now eight, but when she was a bit younger she was very shy even up until the end of her kindergarten year. I'm not sure why, but she was always more shy around adults than around other kids her age.

Well, now she's in second grade and has done very well since last school year when it comes to socializing with both kids, teachers, and other adult friends. Most kids usually have a shyness phase I'm sure.

What helped for us was staying active within our church for kids activities as well as general activities where it was for the whole family, and children's church too. Our older two kids enjoy Sunday School and Sunday School, for kids their age and a little older too.

Get your kids active within their school whether it's in cub scouts, boy scouts, or girl scouts or even sports. That can all be very good for kids when it comes to socializing for sure, to be around kids their age.

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  1. My youngest son had issues with shyness. He thought he was inferior to his older brother and sister who were very outgoing and competitive. I made him attend "baby nursery school" so he could interact with other kids his age. Worked wonders! He finally got out of his shell and is now doing well.