What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

I will be 35 weeks on Monday, so I have already packed my hospital bag and have it ready in the hallway. I still have to get our 3 kids bags packed then that will be done and out of the way.

What was / is in your hospital bag?

I wanted to do a blog post about what to pack in your hospital bag when you go into labor.

What is currently in my hospital bag:
- A couple of shirts
- A few pair of nursing pads
- Socks
- Paper and pen

What will go in my bag right before we leave for hospital:
- Laptop and charger
- Phone and charger
- Camera, case, and charger
- Extra shoes


  1. This is very helpful never thought of bringing paper and a pen or extra pair of shoes. Thanks for the great advice.

  2. 35 weeks - I bet you are anxious and excited! When I had my twins four years ago, I made sure to pack a nursing pillow/boppy, my favorite lotion, and a robe!

  3. It seems like yesterday I was packing my hospital bag (and it was really just under a year ago!) I packed a robe, yoga pants, slippers and flip flops. I had an outfit for the baby, and snacks! I took the snacks for my husband, because with our first child he barely was able to escape to get food until after the baby finally arrived. I left the laptop at home, but did bring my camera.

  4. My first was an emergency delivery so nothing backed. My second time around I packed my own pillow, lip balm, made sure my iphone was loaded with an audiobook and hard candies. I found I always wanted to suck on something after the c section birth, it helped with my nausea.

  5. Oh gosh, I feel like no matter what I pack, it's likely that I will forget something. Even if I pack months ahead of time! Thanks for sharing these :)

  6. Bringing paper and pen is a great idea in case you feel like recording some of the memories after your baby is born. I would probably want to pack really comfortable pyjamas if I was pregnant.

  7. I would also include nursing bras and sports bras. Super helpful! Also a robe for walking around and extra lounge pants

  8. This was the exciting part before the baby comes. good luck

  9. When I gave birth to my children bringing a laptop not smart phone to record was unheard of. I snuck Twix in to eat during labor.