Get the Kids Laser Force Guns W/ Multiplayer Mode by Best Choice Products

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Best Choice Products in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for a fun game that your kids will thank you for?

Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how EXCITED our oldest son was especially when he found out and saw that I was able to get them a laser tag set of gun toy blasters, from the wonderful Best Choice Products

He loves to play with other type of toy guns for kids, so to see him that excited about laser tag guns was great. He's not played actual laser tag but maybe twice before I don't think. 

He is 9 and his sister is 8, so I knew that they would have a lot of fun with this set when I found out I was getting the Laser Force Laser Shooting set, found HERE! You can buy this 4 laser gun set for just $98.99, with FREE shipping! 

The awesome thing about this set unlike a lot that you may find is that these are very high quality laser guns. We don't have laser tag vests or anything and they know not to point them near faces. They have a blast playing with these once we got batteries in them. The noises they make are very realistic to real laser tag guns that you can find in laser tag play centers. 

These laser tag guns take 4 AA batteries each, so for the four player guns to play at one time, you will need to have 16 AA batteries available! The colors of guns that these come in are orange, green, blue, and white! They are made of non-toxic ABS plastic. The max tag distance that these guns can shoot is 40 meters. You'll need a mini screwdriver to put the batteries in these guns. 

I highly recommend these laser tag guns for your children who are ages 8 and up. They will have a lot of fun playing with their siblings and / or friends with these, believe me! This is a great price for what you get and the true great quality that these are. 

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