Toddlers Have More Fun Swimming with Little Swimmers

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Little Swimmers in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you wanting to take your little one swimming, but can't find a diaper alternative?

Well, I have loved these Little Swimmers for years since our oldest was around age 1, but they have been making them better ever since. They have cuter designs to them and hold more water / wet wise in the swimmer diapers than they use to, by far.

Our youngest is 19 months old and we go swimming pretty often, aside from in the summer because my parents come into town from 8 hours away, and their hotel has a indoor pool that we all have fun going swimming in. These are great quality and the price is VERY reasonable. Find them at your local grocery, Walmart, and on their website!

I received three packs of medium size Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Pants for this post, which is great for  weight between 24 - 34 lbs, and they each came with 11 swim pants in the packs. The Little Swimmers come in three different sizes - Small which is good for little ones between 16 - 26 lbs, Medium which is good for little ones between 24 - 34 lbs, and Large which is good for little ones 34 or more lbs.

We used about 4 - 5 since receiving them and they work very well for him.  He had a lot of fun swimming like most kids do and all you need to do once your little one is done swimming is tear off the tabs on each side to remove and put a diaper on in place once ready to get dressed. 

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants are a great aspect for toddlers to have when you want to take him or her to the pool, beach, etc! These are not diapers, but they're swimpants that are specially made just for little ones to go swimming in. 
The cool thing about Little Swimmers are that they don't explode when wet! What a lifesaver. We have used these for years, with our 3 kids so I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that I could work with them on a review. 

Some features of Huggies Little Swimmers are:
- They have easy-open sides for simple removal and disposal poolside
- They're designed for water play and have extra protective leak-guards that lock in mess
- Stretchy sides for a great fit in and out of the water
- They are made with unique absorbent material that won't swell in water

You maybe wondering how much does a pack of these  nice Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants cost? 

Well, let me tell you! 

- You can find Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants in grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide.
- Available in three sizes, from size small which is made for 16 - 26 lbs, and go through size large which is made for over 33 lbs.

- Suggested retail price starting at $9.99


  1. I seen those on my Grandkids over the summer. I liked that they didn't fall apart in the water.

  2. This is a great product. We used these for my friends little one and they worked great, we had no leaks and they were so easy to use.

  3. The swimmers were a hit/miss with my kids . Though they are super over diapers, they didn't last very long in the pool for hard swimmers. They do the trick though for light play!

  4. They sound like a great buy that also serves exactly what a kid would need in the pool. The price looks good too.

  5. I would have been lost with out these when my kids were younger!! I love they put such fun characters on them.

  6. Totally! No one wants to swim with a heavy diaper! LOL We got swimmers for my daughter last year and we will be getting her some this summer too!

  7. They are so nice and cute. toddlers will surely love them. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. The little swimmers are so fantastic, we used them with our grandson and they fit comfortably and work great.