Check Out this Gorgeous Outfit from Lularoe Ashley Hallmark

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the wonderful Lularoe Ashley Hallmark in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for the perfect leggings, dress, or shirt but not sure of the right consultant to buy from??

I had been looking at buying Lularoe leggings for what seemed like months now, but had no clue on how they fit or felt as I don't know any local consultants. Well, I was approached by a good friend of mine who is an awesome consultant with Lularoe Ashley Hallmark and was told I could pick a pair of leggings and a shirt, for review. I was so excited and couldn't be happier with the outfit I chose to get. 

Lularoe is a brand of clothing with a wide variety of shirts skirts cardigans dresses and most popular the buttery soft leggings! 

Sizes range from 0-24 so there is something for everyone! There is a limited number of prints in each item. So if you see something you love and it's your size you had better grab it! Nothing haunts you more like the Lularoe you didn't buy! These are by far the most comfortable clothes I have ever put on my body! 

Each size is made specially for that size. Meaning that unlike big box stores that just add material to make it bigger Lularoe makes each piece fit perfectly for that size! It is simply amazing! I have never found a brand that has all their items that flatter each and every body shape and size!

Ashley from Lularoe Ashley Hallmark is constantly doing giveaways in her VIP group! Right now I am doing a leggings giveaway for a year, which you can find HERE! This ends on January 8 - 14, so DON'T MISS IT!!! Be sure to follow the directions accurately, to be entered. 

Here's the super cute outfit I received and let me tell you why I think this way:

This outfit is so comfortable I'm not even kidding! I'm 28 weeks pregnant and the shirt that I received is a size XS. Well, I usually would wear a medium or large shirt whether I am pregnant or not, but it fits perfectly and isn't tight at all even after 4 - 5x of washing / drying it. 

It goes well with any pair of pants / jeans, not just a nice pair of Lularoe leggings, which is a big plus too. Below, I have on my super comfortable and stretchy XS Lularoe shirt, with a normal pair of my maternity jeans on. Look at how stylish the shirt is! It does go with ANYTHING!

Ok, now it's time to talk about these OS (one size) leggings that I fell in love with the minute I tried them on! I knew that they'd be a little tight, due to the fact that I'm so pregnant so I will be not wearing them much until mid March when I have my little one, but these leggings are SO soft. I got these before Christmas and just LOVE them. They are a nice festive color of red with black, but can be worn anytime of the year of course.

I have always loved wearing leggings in general because everyone knows they are comfortable, right? Well, you must not have bought any from Lularoe yet because they are a LOT softer than any pair of leggings I have ever worn.


  1. What a fun pattern and looks so comfy. I live in tights and leggings so, I need a pair of these.

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  3. Sometimes, I wish it was socially acceptable for a guy to wear leggings. LOL. They always look so comfortable on women.

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  5. the colors and patterns on this legging. I'm a fan of leggings and will check out the brand.

  6. Interesting pattern for the leggings! I see more and more interesting new patterns out there. My girls would like those

  7. I love pairing leggings with a long shirt or dress. They are so comfortable! I am really digging the pattern of the pair from Lularoe

  8. I've heard so much about these leggings! I guess I really need to participate in one of the Lularoe groups I keep getting added to...

  9. Such a great looking leggings and the pattern is simple yet beautiful. The color combination of black & red easily wins anytime and this one looks so perfect and comfy for you.