BabyTime US App for IOS Users

*Disclaimer - I am receiving compensation for this post from BabyTime, in return for posting about this app with the information provided to me by the company.

Let me introduce you to BabyTime, a free baby tracking app for iOS. To download this app, Click HERE . Check out Simfler's website here - HERE , and follow them on Facebook HERE .  You can see the instructional video HERE.

Over 500,000 parents have downloaded BabyTime and here are the reasons why:

1.Simple Interface (ux/ui) for tracking baby’s activities

2. Adding Caregivers - Mom, dad, babysitter, and more are able to tracking activities together and information is synced across devices in real-time so working mom and dad can monitor how the baby is doing, even when they’re away.

3.Diary entry - Keep a journal, add images of major milestones and record weight, height, and head circumference.

4.Seamless login and backup - Signup with Facebook or email. Once you’re signed in, all the information and records you put in will be backed up automatically, so you can login from anywhere, on any device.

5.Charts - Once you’ve tracked enough of your baby’s activities, BabyTime will turn it into simple and comprehensive graphs and charts. Pie chart of your baby’s daily activities , Interval (mins or hours between activities) , Statistic of total amount of sleep, diaper changes, and many others.

6. Record prescribed medication - You can record what kind of medicine your child’s doctor prescribe and set reminders to give your baby medicine at the appropriate times.

What’s are the benefits of tracking your baby’s everyday activities?

A newborn needs to be fed more than 10 times a day and for a first-time-mom, she needs all the help she can get.

Furthermore, since your baby can’t talk to you yet, it is your job to figure out what she needs. If you keep up with your baby’s natural cues by recording them when they occur, you’ll be able to guess with more accuracy and eventually establish a consistent routine that works for both of you.

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