Fun Toys for Kids of All Ages

*Disclaimer - I received the product from the PR firm, in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for some cute toys that could make some stocking stuffers?

I got the cutest toys for this review for our kids to get for Christmas, so they won't see any of these until then! Are you looking for some fun ideas for gifts for your kids or even stocking stuffers?

I received a few plush Emoji characters which are just too cute! I know that our kids will enjoy playing with these. These are a fun addition to add to their bookbags if you get the ones that clip. The Plushi Pals which are the smaller ones can be bought for just $3.99 each! 

Also, part of this review I wanted to cover a few other products that were included. Build 3D Sparkling Creations with Gemmies! These of course are made for girls, so this would make an excellent gift. I know our daughter will have a lot of fun with this one as she loves making things and having gems that sparkle on her things. 

The Whiffer Sniffers are another fun toy which are high quality scented plush characters. I received the Hershey Kiss and a Strawberry! Of course the hershey will be for our oldest son and the strawberry will be for our daughter to have. The ones that they got are the Super Sniffers which are huggable 12 inch plush pals. These can be bought for just $16 each. I just love the strawberry scent, and always have. It could make a nice little pillow for your little one. 

Auldey Toys North America - Voice Command Missle Launcher for our oldest son who will be nine for Christmas! He loves things like this where he can play with a helicopter type toy. This one looks like it's going to be an awesome one for him to have. This is a Sky Rover. Fly your helicopter and launch missles all by voice command! Now, how cool is that? Speak into the included headset and take control in a whole new way. 

It will fly in a circular motion in response to your command "Enemy Scan" and launches missles when you say "Missle Fire". This one comes with 8 missles and has a gyro balanced engine for easy and stable flying. Indoor use only. This can be bought for just $44.99, and is made for ages 8 and up.

Super Wings is another brand of toys that was sent along with this AMAZING package for my Holiday Gift Guide. The toys that came from this brand were for our toddler who will be 19 months old for Christmas. The first toy from this brand I want to talk about is the Transformer like toy below on the top right. Our youngest son will absolutely LOVE it I'm sure!

One toy in particular that he received is known as World Airport, which can be found directly below. It looks like it will be a really fun toy for him to figure out and play with!! You will put it together and play with the airplanes on the airport. 

There are several other little toys that came in this bunch for our review, from the PR firm as they represent many different brands. A very small Rubik's cube, container balls with toys in them, World's Smallest, and more!! 

Right now, I have ALL of their Christmas gifts in a huge tote container with a lid, and these still have a strong scent a couple months of having them, so you know the scent will stick! 

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