Stop Spending 1/4 Of Your Wage At The Supermarket. There Is Another Way

How much did you last spend on a trip to the supermarket? £20? £90? Whatever it was, there is a good chance that the total bill was more than you’d have liked.

We spend a fortune on the food in supermarkets each year. Some of it is down to our lack of willpower and giving into the temptation of special offers and deals. But the supermarket bosses need to take some responsibility themselves. Stores are laid out so that you have to walk past many things that are non-essential before you can reach the essential. 

The wording is clever, the music is relaxing, and the trolleys are getting bigger and bigger! All of these things add up to make a seductive experience which ends with you cringing as you swipe your card.

It’s also not just supermarket spend that is the problem. A 2015 study found that the average Brit spends a whole25% of the annual wage on eating out. The average Brit has also been suggested to be spending a whopping £1,320 a year on takeaway. And that’s just an average! Oh, and there was bad news for 16-24’s in 2015 too. This is the age group who are said to be spendingthe most on food. This is partially down to a lack of cooking skills, the study found.

All in all, we are all spending a lot of money on food each day, week, month and year. For most of us, this expenditure is simply too much.

Yes, ordering online may save you a fiver here and there on petrol. Deciding your meals for the week based on what is on special offer can help too. But there is another way that you can vastly reduce how much of your wages and savings you spend on food.
Growing, making and creating you own.

Take eggs, for example. You could buy a 12-pack of free-range eggs every week. Or, you could invest in a chicken coop from a company like Eggshell. After the cost of the coop, the feed, and the chickens, your eggs pay for themselves. While you’re at it, put down those extortionately priced sealed bags of herbs in the supermarket! Head to the garden centre instead, and use that money to buy the seedlings of these herbs instead. Make a herb garden, tend to it, and you can save a fortune on expensive supermarket essentials like coriander and basil.

Of course, there is another way that you can save a significant amount of money in the supermarkets. Right next to that little herb garden, plant a bigger veggie garden. Potatoes, carrots, and lettuce might not appear to add up to much. But if you buy a pack of each twice a month? Over a year that’s 24 separate purchases. And that’s just for one vegetable! We can’t pretend that veggie patches are super easy and low maintenance. Some of the produce you’ll want to grow will need a bit of patience and effort. But if the This Is Money findings, that growing your own food can saveyou £1,300 per year are correct, surely it’s worth it!?  


  1. We're raising chickens, composting, and have a veggie garden. It's been a bit of an investment but hopefully we'll be saving money soon!

  2. We want convenience and do not want to take the time to even prepare dinners anymore. I have to cook all the time, but I tell you it is healthier to make my own home cooked meals, plus their are leftovers. I use coupons and store coupons to save money. I am always shocked when I see people getting the same items I have and not using even the store coupon. Why do they not want to save money!!

  3. I so would love a chicken coop. My husband thinks I am nuts but I still love the idea of it.