How My 6 Week 3 Day Pregnancy Check Up Went with Baby #4

So, I thought I was further along than I am due to my LMP being early June. Well, I ended up being 6 weeks 3 days pregnant at our first midwife appointment, which included an ultrasound of course. 

I was shocked that we could see baby that early, but obviously he or she isn't very big yet. The heartbeat was very strong and loud too, which was surprising as well being so early! Well, now I'm 7 weeks 5 days pregnant so I'm getting there. I'm due April 3.

I'm enrolled in a home nurse program again, where each month until 16 weeks, I will get a nurse from the midwife's office to come to our home, take my vitals, and check baby's heartbeat. Then once Malena injections start, it will be weekly. More information about Makena is below.

I will be getting the weekly injection of Makena starting at week 16 until week 36. You may be wondering what Makena is. I got it with our youngest, due to our oldest being 6 weeks early even though our second and third were 37 weeks 4 days and 37 weeks 5 days when born, and had zero issues whatsoever. So, to be on the safer than sorry side we opted for the injections again for this pregnancy. 

Makena is a presciption hormone medicine (progestin) that is used to lower the risk of preterm labor in women who are pregnant with one baby and who have delivered one baby too early (preterm) in the past. 


  1. I did not even know about this Makena hormone that helps stop premature labor. I think it is a good thing to have! Your baby is due my Birthday month. I think it is exciting that you are pregnant! How wonderful for you and your family!

  2. I am so excited for you! How awesome that you saw your baby and heard the heartbeat that early! Strong little one you have there! Congrats again :)

  3. You're looking fabulous and I'm so glad you're taking such good care of yourself! All five of my kids were premature (quadruplets plus one) and I know how stressful that worry can be!

  4. I didn't know Makena could lower the risk of preterm labor! Does it leave bruises on you?

  5. Thanks everyone!

    No, I cannot recall that it bruised me at all. But, it definitely does not feel too good as they do it on your backside instead of hip. I start these Makena injections on October 20 at 16 weeks.

    I was shocked/excited to see and hear baby / heartbeat that early too! I am 8 weeks 1 day now :)