The Benefits of Breastfeeding After Age 1

If you're wondering if you HAVE to stop nursing just because your baby turned 1 the short answer is no you don't. 

Let your child self wean or you can gently wean him or her from nursing.

Our youngest is almost 14 months and I am gently weaning him by removing one nursing session a month and replacing it with a cup of 2% milk. He's down to 2 - 3 sessions per day, so he should be completely weaned by the end of September.

In the second year (12 - 23 months), 448 mL of breastmilk provides:
- 29% of energy requirements
- 43% of protein requirements
- 36% of calcium requirements
- 75% of vitamin A requirements
- 76% of folate requirements
- 94% of vitamin B12 requirements
- 60% of vitamin C requirements


  1. Wow I nursed both boys for 1 year didn't do research for after one of nursing. Will share this information with a friend that is pregnant

  2. Great info! I breastfed both of my kids well past 1 year (my daughter just turned 2 and is still breastfeeding). It's so beneficial for them!

  3. I nursed my son until 2 years old. It was hard weaning him. He did not want to quit, but I went to stay at my families house for a few days and when I got home. He forgot and I had him weaned.

  4. I breastfeed my son only when we are in bed at night. He is 2