School is Out for the Summer!! #SummerBreak

Our kids last day of school was early dismissal on Friday, and they go back in late August! 

I am excited for them, because they have been asking non-stop it seems like when the 'park program' starts, and when they woke up this morning I couldn't get to it fast enough because they were all excited telling each other, "Today is finally here, we can go to the park program"! 

What is the park program you might ask? 
Well, our town is small and there are college students and 1 teacher from the elementary school, who work this program in the summer, between June 6 - August 5 every year and it's organized activities for kids who are school age through fifth or sixth grade, and they can go down to the park with a parent to sign them in and it is for 5 hours during the week, and they absolutely love it!

They have a lot of kids who usually go and today when we went, we went like 20 minutes early just so I could watch them play before I needed to sign paper for allowing them to be there, and about 20 kids were there before I left. They were excited because some of their friends who weren't there last year, are this year.

It's a fun way to let kids have a good summer while still being able to see their friends from school. They also get to go on 3 field trips between July and August which will be a lot of fun; going to the lake and pool. 

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  1. How fun.. we are a small community as well. But there is no program like that out here. I wish there was.