Check Out the New Teaser Trailer and Posters from Disney's Moana!

I am so excited to tell you that the new Disney princess Moana has a new teaser trailer out and new posters too!! I have so much fun telling my readers all about new movies and shows!

Moana is a beautiful princess full of life! I know you'll enjoy the teaser trailer. I can't wait to bring you more information about this princess as I get it!!

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I've had writing it for you.

What's your favorite part about the teaser trailer?


  1. It's a really nice movie and it's good to have a new Disney princess that's just like Rapunzel in Tangled but a little more fierce. She's very high with energy and I love that the setting is a tropical island!

  2. This looks so amazing I cannot wait to see it!!

  3. Moana looks awesome and I love how strong and empowered she looks. We need more princesses like her.