Teaching Kids How to Plant

Our kids attend the AWANA program at the church that we go to, and 2 weeks or so ago they were shown how to plant seeds to make a plant.

We are fairly active at the church that we go to, and our kids are in the AWANA program on Wednesday nights during the school year. Well, about two weeks ago or so, they brought home a cup with toilet paper rolls in it filled with dirt and 2 - 4 seeds. They told me that we need to water them every day or every other day, so that the plant will grow.

Well, 3 - 4 days ago or so I looked after I watered them while they were at school to find that one of them sprouted! They were so excited when I told them after I got them off of the bus. Yesterday, we took them outside and sat the cup with the plant on the porch and saw that another plant sprouted up. 

What fun things do you like to do with your kids to learn things?

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  1. My son loves to plant things! We love to do different kitchen experiments. The best one we've done that my son still loves to do is freeze water in different shaped containers to see what shape the ice comes out as.