Making More Moments Matter with #PoiseLinerLove

Are you a mom and wondering why you're having an occassion "leak" and wondering what can help? Well, here's where Poise can help you out, if you keep reading my post to learn more.

First off, I want to encourage you to replace any feminine products that you might be using with specifically designed products for LBL by choosing Poise liners. You'll be happy that you do! 

There are good ways to maximize your trips to Walmart while purchasing all of the items on your grocery list. Walmart has all of your Poise products and at a great price too! Be sure to head over to Walmart if you need more liners. You can find out more about the Poise products to fit your need, by looking here. They have several different liners to choose from.

Moms of all ages are dealing with issues such as bladder leakage, but you don't have to let it stop what you're doing with your day or weekend, and day to day activities. Summer is full of different activities for families, such as vacation, trips to the pool, lake, and more! 

But, the memory of these things with your family shouldn't be stopped or stauled because of bladder leakage. LBL which stands for light bladder leakage is nothing to ignore, and nothing to be embarrassed about either. 

I have three children, and sometimes a simple sneeze is not the easiest thing to deal with, as a lot of you know already with your own experiences. And, that's why they made Poise Liners, so that life can be a lot less of a hassle and can be more enjoyable by moms everywhere!

By being informed of the products available to you at Walmart, you have the choice between Poise micro-liners, liners, or new 3-drop thin-shape pads; and with that option you will be able to easily flip open the calendars and make as many plans as you want to, for summer with your family! Now that's something to celebrate.

I'm sure as you know, moms who have one or more children have less control of their bladder than if you have had no kids at all. No need to live in embarrassment, just buy some Poise products for your specific needs, and move on with life happy!

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