Baby Shower Event: Gender Neutral Elephant Diaper Cake by Onesie Twosie Shop

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy Shop Onesie Twosie Shop in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Are you looking for a good baby shower gift for a family member or friend?

Whether you're the one having a baby or a close friend or family member is having a baby shower, you know you will have all you need with the amazing Etsy shop, known as Onesie Twosie. She has so many great products for moms and babies to choose from! I received a 3 layer diaper cake. You can purchase the diaper cake that I am talking about, right HERE! This diaper cake is very well made and is durable. You can tell it's pieced together with care.

I wanted to be sure to let my readers know that she carries more gender specific items, unique and comfortable clothing for baby and toddler size, which are actually handcrafted from onesies and t-shirts for most of them.

I am helping a friend out as she's expecting, so she will be excited when she receives this one in July. It's always nice when I'm able to help friends out. 

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Description of this gender neutral elephant diaper cake centerpiece:
- This diaper cake makes a darling centerpiece for your baby shower.
- It is also a great gift of much needed diapers once baby arrives!

This one is done in a playful elephant theme in gender-neutral greys and yellow. But any color can be done to your liking.

It can also be done in a onesie theme. See picture #2.

2nd picture

Banners are also available in your chosen theme and color for $8.00. The banner that I received is below, and matches the diaper cake I received. How awesome is that?

2 layer cake is $35
3 layer cake is $40

Since this is a custom order item, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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