How To Organize A Fabulous Birthday Party For Your Kids

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What an appropriate blog post as we are nearing our youngest's first birthday in just a couple short weeks!!! It's so crazy how fast time flies by.

Organizing your child’s birthday party can feel like a big task. But by careful planning, you should be able to achieve the best day possible. There is a lot to consider when bringing it all together. So I thought I would share with a little guide on organizing a fabulous birthday party for your kids. 

How long have you got to plan?
It doesn’t take too long to plan a birthday party. But it is advisable to give yourself a few months. This will enable you to take care of all the eventualities and plan it properly. A good place to start is to get yourself a notebook and make a list of everything that needs your thoughts and attention. 

Have you got a theme in mind?
Do you want a theme for the party? This could be as simple as your child’s favorite color or something a little more interesting. Maybe a TV character or favorite film. A theme can help you out with all the other details as well. Like how you will decorate the party and if you decide to have some party bags. 

Where will you host the event?
The next thing to think about is where you would like to hold the party. If it is a smaller gathering, you may want to consider having it at home. If it has a fair few people attending then you might want to consider hiring a hall. Some places host birthday parties regularly. Which could help you with some of the other factors that you need to consider. 

Get your invites out as quick as possible
Once you have decided on these things, then you need to get your invitations out as soon as possible. This will help you realise how many people will be attending the party. You must include a method for your guests to RSVP. You may also want to ask if any of your guests have food allergies. 

What will your little ones wear?
Your little one has to be the star of the show. So you could look into getting them a little outfit. For a girl, this could be a lovely party dress. Or for a boy you may want to consider a personalized T-Shirt with their age and name on it. There are new details about the shirts here if you would like some more information.

Get a cake sorted
No party would be complete without a cake. You could match it in with your theme if you like. Every little boy or girl would love to blow the candles out as everyone is singing happy birthday. 

Think about the food and refreshments
The last thing you need to think about when planning a birthday party is the food and refreshments. Some venues offer this as part of the hiring process. Other’s will need to supply their food and drink. 

Enjoy the day.

Finally, enjoy your day. Your little one will love it because they are surrounded by people who love them. 


  1. These are great tips! I love throwing birthday parties for my kids. I always go all out (within reason!!).

  2. I tweeted and G+ to share with all my fans. Great tips that anyone can use!

  3. Awesome tips! Its been a while since I threw a really great birthday party this will come in handy