Fun Things to Do in Nice Weather with Your Baby

Having two kids being in school until early June, I'm home with our youngest and now that it's getting to be nice outside he absolutely loves being outside especially going for a walk to the park. 

What do you like doing outdoors with your kids?

The picture below is our yard from the house we lived at 2 years ago, but I needed a good outdoor picture to use for my post, so enjoy the view!

Our youngest is almost 11 months old and he absolutely LOVES being outdoors when it's nice weather of course. Sometimes while our older two are in school, we'll go in the backyard where he has a ride on car and sit on that and has a field day with it! He loves to sit and play in the grass.

He also loves going for walks to the park and sitting in the playground area for awhile. We went to the bigger park up the street a few weeks ago and he went on the baby swing and slide and loved it. 


  1. We love being outdoors! The girls are as happy bounding on the trampoline as they are riding their bikes to the local park. :-)

  2. My son absolutely loved going to the park when he was little and sitting on those baby swings!