Enjoy a Blizzard at Dairy Queen

*Disclaimer - This post is in no way sponsored. The products in this post were bought.

Our oldest son had been wanting to go to Dairy Queen for awhile and with us living in a small town, it's not open all year round like I wish it was.  A few weeks ago it opened for the season and we decided to head over and get two blizzards.

I bought us both a large blizzard which was under $4! I got the amazing Oreo blizzard because it's my favorite. It's an all time favorite of mine, and I highly recommend it. They fill it up to the top with the blizzard, unlike a lot of other places. Dairy Queen is one of my top favorite places to get ice cream, because you always get what you pay for.

Our son loves getting Dairy Queen when we can, and he decided to get the Reece's flavored blizzard. It was a fun choice and he said it tasted really good and just like the candy! I have tried it before too and it was really good. 


  1. Ohmygosh - Dairy Queen's Blizzards are my absolute favorite treat since childhood!

  2. I love their blizzards! It's definitely hard to pass up in the summer.