Fun Recaps from 2014 trip to Disney World

This is in no way sponsored and is just a fun post I'm doing from my sister's 2014 trip to Disney World. 

My last trip to Disney was in 2002 when I had a cheerleading competition, so it's been quite awhile and with having now 3 kids, it's hard to save up that much to be able to go out of state unless you save up for quite awhile. But, it's something I really want us to do by the time our youngest is 5 years old! 

The best sign you'll see is the one entering into Disney World, where the magic begins!

Every kid's dream is to be able to go to Walt Disney World! I know I went quite a bit when I was a kid and teenager, for family vacation or Christmas. Since having kids, I've not been able to go yet but hopefully in the next 5 years we will be able to. Disney truly is where dreams come true. Cinderella's castle can be found in Magic Kingdom part of the Disney parks.

At Disney, it's no surprise to see parade after parade and now that Frozen came out they now have Elsa, Anna, and Olaf included in the parade! I know that our kids love Frozen and I'm a huge fan of Olaf! Who isn't? 

Orlando has a very nice selection of resorts and hotels you can stay at. Here's the one they stayed at:

Here are 5 of our family favorites as far as rides and attractions go:

1. The Carousel of Progress - This is a slow but really fun ride for all ages to go on.

2. The Wall of Presidents - This is a really neat attraction to be sure you go and check out. It's especially a neat opportunity for kids and teenagers to learn more about history.

3. Space Mountain - This roller coaster type ride is for older kids and adults.

4. Tomorrowland - This is a great ride for people of all ages.

5. Rockin Rollercoaster - This is my absolute favorite ride to go on at Disney World!

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  1. I love the Space Mountain! When I first went some 20 years ago (oooppps!) I had no idea what to expect and it was an amazing surprise. It quickly became one of my favorites.