Tips to Help Ensure You Get the Best Health Insurance Plan

*Disclaimer - I received compensation for writing this post.

Getting the best health insurance plan is a matter of knowing what coverage you need and what kind of options are available to you. 

Choosing a New Health Plan or Will You Re-Enroll?
It is common when coming up to the re-enrollment date of an existing health insurance policy to wonder whether to renew, change plans or change medical health providers. For many people, they spend only half an hour making such a decision which seems too little time considering the savings that can be made.

Health premiums increase annually by over 7 percent which means it is always worth looking at a health insurance broker Los Angeles located to see what insurance quotes they can obtain on your behalf that will improve on any existing policy or provide a fresh coverage plan for the uninsured.

Has the Existing Cover Changed?
We all lead busy lives. It is impossible to keep up with everything which is why a health insurance broker like Playa Vista Insurance can help to go over an existing health policy to determine whether the insured terms have changed over the year(s) in a material way. 

Your personal health circumstances may also have changed during this time. You may need additional coverage and feel that it may be wise to increase the type of coverage which may require a modification of the existing plan, a change of medical insurance plans with the existing provider, or a change in provider altogether.

A good health insurance broker can help with many of these aspects of ensuring that the health coverage is both adequate and appropriate for you. 

Make a Doctors and Providers List
Do you have a preferred list of doctors in your area that you like to see or providers that you like? If this is the case, it is important to check which insurers include these doctors and their medical practices within the accepted coverage.

Make sure that the provider is not out-of-network with the existing plan which will either cost you more or cause you to need to choose a less preferred provider to keep the medical procedures within the coverage.

Check Your Medical Prescriptions and Co-Pay Arrangements
Make a list of any prescription medication that you already take and what the co-pay for this list of medications will be during the current year. Consider whether this will be covered, either in part or in full, under the current coverage levels. Will your out-of-pocket costs go up, go down or stay the same with a switch in providers or plans?

What Benefits Matter the Most?
When it comes to healthcare benefits, we may have a list in our head of what we see as the most important items to be covered under a medical insurance policy. One example of this is a couple thinking about having a baby within the next few years. What sort of maternity coverage is included in the current plan?

Take a look at other considerations like a family history of certain types of illness and see whether you are covered adequately for them.


  1. I actually need to get on the stick and figure this out stat. I went without insurance last year, but I'm debating whether I want to do that again or not.

  2. We don't get many options as far as insurance goes. My husband gets 3 or 4 to choose from and that's what we get.

  3. Great tips! We actually have awesome insurance but it is through my husband's work. He had choices and we went for the best one with our large family.